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Greensboro and Winston-Salem, historically rich and dynamically growing cities, have houses ranging from vintage beauties to modern marvels. With such a diverse architectural landscape, the need for expert window repair and replacement services is paramount. Here’s a deep dive into the top 10 window repair companies gracing these cities.

1) Wowfix:

Overview: As the frontrunners in the window repair industry, Wowfix has carved a niche for itself. Having seamlessly integrated tradition with cutting-edge innovations, they hold an unparalleled reputation in the twin cities.

Pros: Extensive range of services catering to diverse needs. Commitment to high-quality workmanship evident in every project. Stellar customer service, ensuring smooth communication at all stages.

Cons: The soaring demand sometimes results in longer booking wait times. Premium pricing for their unparalleled specialized services can be a deterrent for some.

2) Champion Windows:

Overview: With a footprint across the nation, Champion Windows brings with it the promise of consistent quality and a wealth of experience.

Pros: Boasting a nationwide reputation that ensures unwavering quality. Comprehensive warranties, showcasing their confidence in their craft. A wide range of styles accommodating varied aesthetic preferences.

Cons: Tending towards the higher side in terms of pricing. Potential longer delivery times due to the vast demand they cater to nationally.

3) Kernersville Glass & Mirror:

Overview: Priding itself on the local touch, Kernersville stands out with its intricate custom designs and a deeply personalized approach to every project.

Pros: Profound local insights offering tailored window solutions. A reputation for delivering beautifully executed custom designs. A personal touch that gives homeowners a sense of involvement and satisfaction.

Cons: Exquisite custom designs can result in extended project durations. Their deep-rooted local approach might make them seem less expansive in their offerings.

4) Quality Glass Service:

Overview: True to its name, Quality Glass Service is dedicated to excellence, forging strong bonds within the community through its impeccable service.

Pros: A commendable community-centric ethos that resonates with locals. Rapid response times, ensuring urgent requirements are addressed promptly. Transparent pricing, eliminating any hidden surprises.

Cons: Their smaller operation scale could limit capacity during high-demand periods. A tendency to lean towards more conventional design choices.

5) Clarity Glass Service:

Overview: With a commitment to clear and transparent service, Clarity stands out for its eco-friendly practices and modern solutions.

Pros: A staunch advocate for environmentally-friendly practices in the industry. Clear, transparent communication ensuring homeowners are always in the loop. A focus on avant-garde solutions catering to contemporary tastes.

Cons: May not be the first choice for those seeking heritage or traditional repairs. Limited presence in terms of physical showrooms.

6) Renewal by Andersen:

Overview: A subsidiary of a renowned global brand, Renewal by Andersen is an embodiment of innovation and advanced research in window repair and replacement.

Pros: Pioneers research-backed installations, setting industry benchmarks. Enjoy the backing and reputation of a well-respected national chain. Offers a diverse range of solutions to cater to all architectural styles.

Cons: The larger scale might sometimes make service seem less personalized. Premium prices often come with brand-centric benefits.

7) Pella:

Overview: Pella’s innovations have always been at the forefront of the industry. They combine technology with style, making windows that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Pros: A pioneer in introducing innovative window technologies. Holds extensive archives which come in handy for heritage projects. Offers one of the most comprehensive warranty options in the business.

Cons: Premium pricing is reflective of their patented solutions. Custom orders might come with slightly extended waiting periods.

8) A Better View Glass & Mirror:

Overview: With a focus on modernity and technological integration, A Better View Glass & Mirror offers a fresh perspective on window solutions.

Pros: Uses cutting-edge technologies such as UV-resistant panes. Each project is treated with a fresh and modern perspective. Known for quick project turnarounds without compromising on quality.

Cons: Still expanding and establishing their brand’s footprint. Traditionalists might find their offerings a tad too modern.

9) Lemons Glass:

Overview: Deeply entrenched in the local community, Lemons Glass has established itself as a go-to for traditional techniques and authentic craftsmanship.

Pros: Holds expertise in traditional techniques, preserving the essence of older homes. Provides a personal touch to every project, ensuring customer satisfaction. A local favorite with a reputation built on trust and quality.

Cons: Might not have the latest technological advancements in window repair. Being a smaller team, high-demand periods might see extended timelines.

10)  Binswanger Glass:

Overview: With a lineage dating over a century, Binswanger’s proficiency in the realm of window repair is nearly legendary. Their vast experience positions them as not just service providers but an integral part of the cities’ architectural legacy.

Pros: Over a century’s worth of experience to lean on, ensuring top-tier service. Deep-rooted expertise that’s manifested in every window they repair or replace. A vast range of services catering to diverse needs.

Cons: Their extensive operational scale might sometimes mean less personalized interactions. Due to their magnitude, they might give precedence to larger projects, potentially sidelining smaller repair tasks.


In the bustling landscapes of Greensboro and Winston-Salem, homeowners need dependable services for their window repair needs. Choosing the right fit from the myriad options can be daunting. But if excellence, trustworthiness, and unmatched expertise are your criteria, then Wowfix stands tall among its peers. As the premier window repair company near me, they have continuously set benchmarks in quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Making an informed choice is imperative, and with Wowfix, homeowners can be assured of a service that’s par excellence.

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FREQUENTLY asked questions:

Why is regular window maintenance essential in Greensboro and Winston-Salem?

Regular maintenance ensures longevity, energy efficiency, and protection against North Carolina's varying climate.

What's the difference between window repair and window replacement?

Repairs address specific issues like cracks, while replacements involve changing the entire window structure.

Are there energy-saving window solutions for these areas?

Yes, companies like Wowfix offer energy-efficient windows, saving on energy bills.